Friday, 29 April 2016

Book launch

Ok fine not robbed in that sense but I got seduced then I was molested. Yes some people may think I am a stupid fool and I may be inclined to believe them. But then of what use are temptations if we can't yield to them???
But then in my defence what kind of Man will I be if I didn't say YES!!! Any man worth his weight in gold would have leapt to the occasion and honestly I am worth a little less than than but my shadow is heavier that I am.
The words leapt from the mouth to some parts on my being I didn't know existed. They resonated to something in me. Left me agape with wonder. I was bowled over. I had this itch that I couldn't wait to scratch. I tried to be sneaky about it but my efforts were doused with buckets loads of water, I jus had to be patient
Then the floodgates were swung open and I gushed out sweeping aside all that was in my way as I raced to grab my chance lest it might slip of my grasp. I marched forward opened my wallet took out a soiled $20.00 bill and boldly declared my interest.
I mentioned my name and the pen scribbled for Itai...
Yes I have my signed copy of "Mars his sword" The biggest collection of poetry in sonnet form by one author, Philani A Nyoni

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