Sunday, 8 November 2015

Of artist and praise singers

I want you to be independent critical thinkers who will do exactly as I say. Paradox? Maybe, maybe not but that is the exact message that is being said to our artist, the recent throwing out of a sculpture by one Owen Maseko is a case in point.

But really, what is the role of an artist in the society??? Of what use are artists to us in our everyday eking for a brighter tomorrow. Me thinks artist are a mirror for society. The artist has to reflect that which is in front of his lens when he focuses on society. And how does he portray that??? That is the million dollar question

Do we really need to sensor artists?? If we need to and if we do are we not censoring thought?? What difference is there between censorship and imposing brain tax, at this rate it will be illegal to think new thought we are to behave like parrots and only say that which we have been told to say. But who tells us what to say and why???

Censorship derives from fear, and what we really fear is our reflection on the mirror. Owen's piece was said to be sensitive sexually. Really now?? Are we going to talk of sexuality at an era when we are distributing condoms in school?? Whose ignorance are we trying to protect??

Further allegations were that some comments written in chalk we too sensitive but then again comments in CHALK, how hard is it to erase those??? Isn't taking the piece of art outside more consuming in terms of effort and time than erasing the comments???

I am of the idea that we need to let our artist flourish in the best way they can without any fear. For ultimately it is through their work that we reflect on what is wrong with our society and remedy therefrom. We need a society with more independent thinkers than praise singers. We have an overflow of bootlickers as is.

In parting I quote Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself - Potter Stewart

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