Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Who am I

This is the beginning of a journey, one that has been long overdue one that which was yet to come a social experiment if you will, not necessarily an attempt but a product that gets refined each time it is made and as such feed back is necessary.

Why Random thoughts vs Emaciated voice?
Random thoughts in that I write that which is at the fore of my mind, I cannot term it fiction because in my mental realm it exist and as such it cannot be fiction. it follows no form or order it is some form of rebellion against conformity. it is that which my mind gives birth to during the long hours spent with me

Emaciated voice is the social outcry part of the part. These  are my experiences and I will say they out in my small voice that has for long been suppressed by fear of labels fear of letting bare the false comforts that have for long been kept untouched so people are hoodwinked that all is well. yes i will talk to the people and yes i will put their narrative out here and the people will know that it is only a soft veil of lies that covers the painful truth that attack our everyday existence. And this shrill voice shall be heard high above the loud din of the disco that echos our emptiness. And the picture will hurt the eye but the truth shall be revealed and once the eye has seen, it cannot unsee.

This is the beginning

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