Friday, 6 March 2015

Is this all??

How many of our dreams have we sacrificed? The future always looks brighter and the options are appealing from far off but when held near they are just like fire flies that glow when looked at from afar but when held close they possess neither heat nor light.

Everyday school children wreck their brains trying to learn difficult concepts, always trying to outdo each other and be the best with the hope that in the immediate future their efforts will be rewarded but is this what happens?

it is the same with all aspects of life you have to do better than everyone else so can be recognized as the best and harvest the best fruit life has to offer but is it what really happens?

We have been conditioned to seek help outside ourselves. We are perpetually in a race to outdo and outsmart each other when the real person  we have to conquer is ourselves. We chase dreams that quickly  turn into mist. Our life pass us by as we groan eking for a better tomorrow when life has to be lived now.

Is this all there is to life or we have been sold a dummy?

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